Crab 2.8 CURVE

Indoor Curve Led Screen - Pitch 2.8 mm
Crab 2.8 Curve is an indoor curve Led Screen with a pixel pitch of 2.8 mm., a brightness of 800-1200 cd/m² and a 140º viewing angle. These professional indoor LED screens, with a mounting system that allows its curve configuration, are just 72 mm. thick which makes them easy to fit into most spaces. Crab Series is designed to be lightweight in order to reduce setup time and transportation costs. The screen module mounts on the cabinet by magnets and is easily installed by one person only. Just press a button and you can take the module off easily. You can also remove the power supply box fast & easy, even after setup. Equipped with black face LEDs, Crab 2.8 Curve offers a high contrast ratio that provides darker blacks and brighter highlights.
Source & Optics
Pixel Pitch: 2.8 mm. (Black face LEDs)
Density: 123,904 dots/m²
Best Viewing Distance: > 10 ft. / 3 mt.
Best Viewing Angle: equal or < 140º
Colors: >16.7M
Gray scale: 14 bits
Color temperature: 6500K
Control method: Synchronization
Driving device: Constant current
Driving method: 1/22 scanning
Frame frequency: 60 Hz
Refresh frequency: 1200-4800Hz
Brightness: 800-1200 cd/m²
LED Life span: 100.000 hours
Out-of control point: <0.0001
Brightness Control: 256 grade

Max power consumption: < 800W/m²
Working Voltage: AC220V/110V ± 10%
Working temperature: -4~122ºF ± 10%

Cabinet Size: 19.7x19.7 in. / 500x500 mm.
Cabinet Weight: < 20 Lbs. / 9 Kg.
Assembly system with a 20º angle variation
Module Size: 9.85x9.85 in. / 250x250 mm.
Module Pixels: 88x88
IP Grade: IP43
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